Thursday, September 22, 2011


 [silk blouse Club Monaco, jeans Madewell, scarf Anokhi, shoes Balenciaga, watch Lucien Piccard, bracelets Aldo, J.Crew & MOMA store]

The weather's been acting up as always. Almost like it can't decide whether its fall or still summer. So I have black (for fall) and neon yellow (summer colors!)...

Best of both worlds?

Also, any resemblance to a wasp/bumble bee was totally unintentional.

I mean, come on - what fashionable person doesn't want to look like an angry wasp???

 Very chic, no?


Alright, lets agree to disagree.

Today's been a long long day involving many dirty dishes, a million loads of laundry and one large vacuum cleaner.

I know, I know. I lead such an exciting life and you're jealous. Who isn't, really?

There was also one smelly dog and a very splashy bath, but this is hardly the place to discuss animal hygiene.

Or is it?

But when a day ends with Raghu coming home and a good meal, I really have nothing to complain about..

Alright everyone, I'm going to call it a day now...

Time for one last cup of tea and a couple of chapters  (Saramago has me wishing I knew Portugese)..

Good night (or morning) guys! 

And if you need someone to talk you through bathing your dog or a wasp attack, you know who to call!

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  1. These are nice pictures! Iphone? DSLR? What's the magic?