Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I really want to tell you all this past week.. About getting to the Barney's Warehouse sale and finding some beautiful things, and about my shopping trip/lunch at Chelsea market after, about dinner last night at Spice Market (hence the flowers)... But honestly, right now, I'm wiped out.

So today is all about taking some time off.. to make some tea, catch up on my reading, bake some amazing banana espresso chocolate chip muffins and then spend the rest of the evening rescuing them from Hugo...

[book Anthropologie, pen Mont Blanc, dress 3.1 Phillip Lim, nail polish Chanel - peridot]

Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip muffins.. recipe and step by step photo instructions available here.

(photos courtesy - ME!!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Exciting News!!

 [ring Kora Kaagaz available at Boticca]

 Remember I said that I might have some good news?

Well, here it is!!

I'm now the pastry chef at Alain Allegretti's soon-to-be-opened restaurant - La Promenade Des Anglais!
It's my first ever job (I graduated last week), so I'm really excited!!! But incredibly nervous too! 

Tomorrow's my first day! I'll keep you all posted on how it goes!!

 But back to business!

As fun as it is to own an 'it' bag or iconic jewelry from one of the major fashion houses, I find, it's a whole different high to own a something that hasn't been mass produced by the hundreds...

Whenever I go to India, I make it a point to stop by and pick up a piece or two from my favorite jewelry store..

Their work is always superlative - flawless, handpicked stones in perfect settings.
And it gets better!! They usually only make 3 of any piece!

But it is a rather long way to go to shop. 

So imagine my surprise and delight when I found that they were retailing some pieces online!!
If you decide to invest in a piece of jewelry anytime soon, this should be it!!

(photos courtesy Raghu)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

hurricane- day 1

 [silk shirt Theory, cut offs - from an old pair of Vince jeans, bracelets Burkman Bros, JCrew, Aldo, watch Lucien Piccard]

(photos courtesy Raghu)

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey there! As you can see, I'm very happy... I can't tell you why yet, I don't want to jinx it,  but something very exciting could happen in a few days!! So check back for updates!!

But in the meantime, Irene hits the tristate area tomorrow... And our cable box is acting up!!
And that could possibly mean no Criminal Minds marathons!!
The horror!!!!

(yes, I do enjoy exclamating, you have a problem with that???)

[dress Thakoon Addition, belt Gap, ring Satya, bracelet from India, shoes Balenciaga]

My nails match my belt!! How fly am I??
(also my nails match the basil in my kitchen, but that's another story and another blog)

But back to Irene - by the look of things, I have a feeling I'll be stuck at home for the next few days...

So I'm headed out now to make the most of it!

Before Irene rains on my parade.

*ba dum tsh*

Come on now, admit it, you love bad jokes, especially my bad jokes.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Holy purple skulls and crossbones..

 [sandals Giuseppe Zanotti]

Because these are the coolest summer sandals I've seen in ages, because they're the perfect size to stash in my bag when I'm wearing murderously painful heels, because Zanotti is a genius, because of the clean lines, because it's purple!!

But mostly because I'm in love with crystal skulls.

Now if you'll excuse me, the local elementary school's casting for a production of Treasure Island next week. And I know just the person to play Captain Flint.

If only they made them in a lime green...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Graduation present!!

[YSL Arty ring - other colors available at YSL]

Just enough time for a quick post...

I clearly have one of the best husbands in the world..

A guy that hunts down this brand new, not-out-on-the-website, almost sold out Yves Saint Laurent ring in the PERFECT color is definitely a keeper, no?

Don't you love it??

Sunday, August 21, 2011


[skirt and racerback tank Club Monaco, boots Alexander Wang, necklace Marc by Marc Jacobs]

I'll let you in on a secret... I'm a little addicted to pleated silk....
And maxis...

So, today was the perfect day for this skirt!!

Sunny with just a bit of a breeze... (Until it suddenly got all dark and cloudy and started pouring that is.. But that's another story)

As I mentioned in an earlier post my parents are visiting...

Among other things (like grilled cheese sandwiches and great books), my mother and I both adore shopping :)

Last week, when we at Club Monaco, we both spotted this skirt the minute we walked into the store and fell in love with it..

It's probably the most versatile maxi I have, I can dress it down for the day or step it up with the right jewelry and clutch for dinner out.

I know everyone's been making pleated maxis this year, but I love that this version has fabric that's slightly thick, so it'll be perfect even through fall...

Right now though, I refuse to think about summer ending....

Unless it's shopping for a new fall wardrobe! When do you want to go?

Friday, August 19, 2011

If there's one thing I want this week...

[clutch Christopher Kane - available at and . Image via netaporter]

Every season, Christopher Kane makes the most quirky, and insanely fun things... Neon colors, laser cut leather and now - an aqua gel filled PVC clutch!! GENIUS! 
Can you imagine owning this? 
Actually, scratch that - can you imagine NOT owning this???

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Graduation shopping!!

[silk blouse Theory, shorts Guess, sandals Derek Lam, bag Christian Dior]

Just enough time for a quick post... My parents are in town!! :) They've flown in for my graduation (which is tomorrow!!) and we're off today to find me a graduation present!!
We're headed to an open air mall, and it's quite sunny out today, so it's perfect for my go-to summer outfit...

 This is definitely one of my favorite bags.. I love how versatile it is...
 And it's big enough to carry everything I could possibly need.

I love theory and am obsessed with their Sinaclaire blouse... So when I found out last week that they had them back in store, I stocked up.. I love that the lines are so clean.. And it's silk with 5% lycra, so it has that tiny bit of stretch that makes it super comfortable!   

 [watch Lucien Piccard, bracelets from top - blue bracelet JCrew, gold wrap bracelet made by me, multicolored bracelet Aldo]

And of course, no black and navy outfit is complete without arm candy!! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011



I was out at Le Rendezvous tonight!!
It's the most charming little restaurant..
Old school French cooking by an old school French chef...
Only 4 tables and the chef comes out every once in a while to check on you!
And, well.... I just need an excuse to dress up and eat good food!

(I was too busy eating to take pictures of the place... but next time, I promise!)

This skirt was the very first  designer thing I ever bought...

I still remember how excited and nervous I was when I snagged it on a sale (I couldn't quite believe I actually owned apiece of pure fashion!!)

Here's the sad part though.. I never got around to wearing it!!

A few years later, I found it hidden ALL the way at the back of my (tiny) closet, tags and all, and decided that it was finally time.

[skirt Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti,silk shirt Club Monaco, ring Satya, Freja boots Alexander Wang, arm candy made by me/from India]

So out it came today...

Because there's so much going on (with all the asymmetrical layers and the alternating silk and satin), I decided to wear a simple cream silk blouse..

And to keep things from getting too much like a formal dinner party, I wore my Freja boots (LOVE them!! but more on that in another post)..

Would you have styled it differently?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

If there's one thing I want this week...

Miu Miu is definitely one of my favorite brands for shoes.

Every season they come out with shoes that make my heart beat faster (no really, I mean literally make my pulse race!!)..

And later this month, they'll be doing it again.

How can you resist this??

[image via Another Mag. available at Nordstrom]

Holy studded sneakers batman!!

I'm gonna get me some of that sparkly amazing-ness sooo-oon!!!

But wait, just when you thought it couldn't get any better.... it DOES!!!

They also come in GOLD

[Image via Fashionoligie]
And this interesting peacock/jewel tone blue 

[image via Nordstrom. available at Nordstrom]

I personally love the silver studded trainers...

[image via Nordstrom. available at Nordstrom]

Which pair would you pick?

Friday, August 12, 2011


[Leopard print oxfords Steve Madden]

Last week, I walked out of the house wearing a gorgeous pair of brand new open toe boots...

And regretted it within the hour.

Those shoes literally killed my feet!! (I had to walk around with bandaged toes for the next week).

Anyway, I had to make it through the day, so I popped into the nearest store and found these on sale!!

How could I resist?

I am now the proud owner of leopard print, pony hair oxfords!! Love!

I'll probably be living in these for the next few months!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


[Bequia skirt Rag & Bone, chemise worn as top The Lake & Stars]

It's sunny and a little breezy outside today.

The perfect day for my favorite skirt!

When the guys at Rag & Bone came out with this print, I fell in love with it and promised myself one piece at least.. And when I saw the silk Bequia skirt online, I had to order it!! And a good thing too, because it had sold out everywhere in a couple of weeks!

The skirt's such a statement maker that t only needs a really unfussy top to make the colors pop! And the photo print makes me feel like I'm vacationing on a beautiful beach somewhere...


Back to school now.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arm Candy!!!

[dress Club Monaco (tailored), watch Lucien Piccard, bracelets- vintage/from India, shoes Derek Lam]

I decided to do a closet cleanout last week and found this middle-aged-executive dress (mid calf length, puffed sleeves and all!!) hidden away.

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it!

Thank god for tailors though!

It's now chic, short, sleeveless and fun :)

But it's also black- and that's a definite no-no on a summer day...


Arm party to the rescue!!

I love how an armful (or two) of bracelets and bangles make any outfit pop!


[silk shirt Equipment, belt Gap, lace skirt & shell necklace Club Monaco, tree of life necklace Satya, ring Aldo, clutch vintage]

It was such a beautiful summer day outside last week. Blue skies and emerald grass - jewel tones everywhere!
On days like that last thing I wanted to do is blend in.

Now for the summer trends checklist - 

Colorblocking - check.
Lace skirt - check.
Neon - Hell yes!