Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey there! As you can see, I'm very happy... I can't tell you why yet, I don't want to jinx it,  but something very exciting could happen in a few days!! So check back for updates!!

But in the meantime, Irene hits the tristate area tomorrow... And our cable box is acting up!!
And that could possibly mean no Criminal Minds marathons!!
The horror!!!!

(yes, I do enjoy exclamating, you have a problem with that???)

[dress Thakoon Addition, belt Gap, ring Satya, bracelet from India, shoes Balenciaga]

My nails match my belt!! How fly am I??
(also my nails match the basil in my kitchen, but that's another story and another blog)

But back to Irene - by the look of things, I have a feeling I'll be stuck at home for the next few days...

So I'm headed out now to make the most of it!

Before Irene rains on my parade.

*ba dum tsh*

Come on now, admit it, you love bad jokes, especially my bad jokes.



  1. I just saw the outfit in Vogue (India) and I couldn't help but let you know! Awesome!